Indoor Family shoot [Checa Romero family]


Family shoot inside the Architect’s gorgeous masterpiece

I am thrilled to help on a shooting for Curro’s 3 little Princess and his beautiful wife^^! Their innocent smile will instantly melt your heart. Seeing them running around this stylish house built by their father gave me a very special feeling. I already can imagine how proud the kids will feel about their father when they grow up and look back at these photos! I have to mention that Mrs. Checa has a magic of styling! She dressed her little angles beautiful and chic!

Knowing Curro for years! I am always impressed by his amazing architectural work! He put lots of heart into those amazing lines and texture he created. Click him out at Checa Romero Architects!

Here are my favourites from the day.





The man behind the camera ::: Alfred MAN @ Valo Studio


The Story teller behind the camera man  ::: Kit Chan @ Valo Studio

Kit is not a writer but a quiet person who always holding her laugh & tears behind the camera.

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