Style Shoot in Chelsea London with Jacky

Stylish Indoor & Outdoor Portrait Shoot in London with Jacky

Jacky is such an inspiration! It is the second time we work with him and Etiquette school. We started our shooting in Chelsea area and continue the shoot in his office. We love Jacky’s passion about fashion and his pursuit of staying charm as a modern successful man!

He prepared few outfits for the shooting which match perfectly well for him. A clean background works wonderfully for his chic styling. Our studio lighting shine through the simple blinds curtain created a perfect highlight for the shoot.

It was an amazing day! Here are my favourites from the project.




The man behind the camera ::: Alfred MAN @ Valo Studio


The Story teller behind the camera man  ::: Kit Chan @ Valo Studio

Kit is not a writer but a quiet person who always holding her laugh & tears behind the camera.


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